G682 Chinese Granite Price

- Jun 05, 2018-

G682 Chinese Granite Introduction

Sunset Gold Granite Specification

Rusty Yellow granite physical parameter


Shijing G682 rustry yellow granite

Rusty yellow granite is probably named because of the rust spots on its surface. Rusty Yellow is a kind of granite stone, the domestic national stone number is G682. It have high hardness, 123.3MPA pressure resistance, 16.9MPA bending resistance, 0.16% water absorption rate, 2.7-2.8tons/m3 density. 


Putian rusty yellow granite

Rusty yellow granite stone is mainly characterized by odorless, no black spots, multiple rust spots, and clear rust spots. 

The high-quality smooth yellow rust stone is considered to be the preferred stone type for dry hanging on the outer wall cladding tiles.

G682 granite flamed surface and G682 sunset gold granite bush-hammered surface paving stone and landscape stone are the favorite choices for landscape architects. 

Sunset gold granite countertop in polished surface is particularly beautiful, highlights the noble luxury, high wear resistance, for the majority of European and American customers. 

However, the disadvantages of sunset gold granite stone are also more obvious color difference, mass production may appear different color, affect the overall effect of decoration.


Zhangpu Rust


Longhai Rust

The main producing areas of sunset gold granite stone in China are mainly concentrated in the hills of Fujian and Shandong, these two areas occupies more than 80% of the domestic output value and production. In addition, the sunset gold granite in these two regions is very surprising. . According to regional classification, Fujian G682 sunset gold granite mainly concentrates in the Shijing area, Putian area, Zhangpu, and Longhai. The main products are Shijing G682 sunset gold granite stone, Putian rusty yellow stone, Zhangpu desert gold stone, Jiaomei golden yellow stone, Longhai Gold yellow granite and other products are mainly named after the production area.


Shandong sunset gold granite stone

Shandong sunset gold granite stone is also called Wenshang rusty yellow stone and Shengtai rusty yellow stone. It is a kind of natural granite mainly produced in Baishi Town, Wenshang County, Jining City, Shandong Province. It is also connected to the West Shu, and Ningyang County also produces some mines.

At present, the main products of Shandong sunset gold granite stone are yellow sunset gold granite stone and white surset gold granite stone, and the products are mainly named after the color. There are also other rust species such as Shengtai rust, moss rust, chicken rust, yellow rust hemp, half head blue, red star, small red star, golden sand yellow, and other rust species. 


Sunset gold granite can be used as sunset gold G682 granite tile, sunset gold granite kitchen countertops, environmental stone, flooring paving stone,  road kerbstone, curbstone, swimming pool stones, wall cladding stone, stone carvings and railings, etc., 

Since sunset gold granite always in large-quantity production with cheap prices, it is a wide range of uses, a large number of garden stone and construction The facade hangs. 


The main processing methods of G682 sunset gold yellow granite are: polished surface, matt honed surface, bush-hammered surface, flamed surface, sand blasting surface, split surface, natural surface, machine cut surface, pineapple surface, drawing surface, groove surface.

China G682 sunset gold granite stone not only sells domestic markets, but also exports to the United States, Canada, Britain, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and other countries and regions.