How to choose marble bathroom basins?

- Nov 08, 2018-

marble bathroom basins

If you are pursuing the overall aesthetics of the bathroom, you can choose a stand-alone countertop basin. The washbasin is mainly for aesthetics and fashion. It is designed to highlight the art of porcelain. The structure is simple and the quality is light. Most of them have no anti-overflow function. So much more used to wash the washbasin.

The aesthetically pleasing free-standing above-ground basin materials are mostly ceramics, and there are some independent pedestal basins with tempered glass materials. The ceramics can be integrated into various ideas and ideas during the production process, and the artistry is higher, while other materials, in style, structural and artistically relatively limited. Ceramic stand-alone washbasins are suitable for use on a variety of countertops, such as stone planes, including marble, jade, tiles, artificial stone, etc.; or wood planes, including solid wood panels, wood strips, bamboo strips, artificial panels, etc.; separate countertop basins can also be placed on the glass plane.

There are two common forms of practical wash basins: Cabinet basins and built-in countertop basins. The cabinet basin means that the wash basin body can be placed directly on the cabinet body as a whole; the embedded above counter basin means that the wash basin can be embedded in a suitable size of the countertop, which is also used as a flanged basin.

Practical wash basins have more functions because of their shoulders, so they are generally used as under counter basins, with prominent countertops, most of which have anti-overflow holes. But also because of the understage basin, there is some emphasis on the spatial structure, non-circular square, and basically no pattern.