How To Cut Granite Countertop Sink

- Jun 05, 2018 -

1. image.png  The distance from kitchen stainless steel sink to backsplash of granite countertop is larger than 120mm. It can leave enough installing space for faucet and ensure the operating space for launching poppet of granite countertop sink. It is better to make faucet hole to close to granite countertop sink hole.

2.    Cut-out granite countertop sink hole is made according to sink moudle panel which is including in stainless steel sink installing instruction which was issued by sink manufacturer.


    3. The size for granite countertop sink cut-out hole is smaller than the inner size of  stainless steel sink, normally about 5-10mm smaller.

4. As to the edge processing of sink side, it is normmaly do eased polished edge, bullnose edge which are the same as the processing edge of kitchen granite countertops.