How To Hang The Stone On The Wall?

- Jun 05, 2018-

How to hang the stone on the wall?

There are two ways to install the stone on the wall. Dry hanging installation and Wet paving installation.

There are many ways to dry hang the stone on the wall, which is higher than the cost of the wet paving, but there are three advantages:

Advantage 1: It can effectively avoid the phenomenon of emptying, cracking, detachment and other phenomena of the traditional wet-plating process, which obviously improves the safety and durability of the building.

Advantage 2: It can completely avoid the phenomena of whitening and discoloration on the surface of the traditional wet sticking process, which is conducive to keeping the curtain wall clean and beautiful;

Advantage 3: To a certain extent improve the working conditions of construction workers, reduce labor intensity, but also help speed up the progress of the project.

Indoor Wall Dry Hanging Stone Construction Process:

 A.  dry hanging steel base

1. Clean up the surface of the preformed base structure

2. Hang straight, set square, find rules, pop vertical and horizontal lines

3. Fix the flat steel plate according to the good horizontal line


4. The production of steel base layer is completed

B, install the keel on the fixture

1, pop up the installation of the stone in the steel base layer position line, dividing line


2. The vertical control line of the two sides of the big angle is played by the theodolite beforehand.

3, the vertical control line is best from the big angle 10cm - 15cm position, so that at any time to check the vertical line accuracy

4, according to the good line full welding connection fixed pendant angle

5, according to the size of the stone hole in the angle of the placement of dry pendants


C, stone slotting, on the wall

1. The stone side opens the fixing groove according to the spacing of the pendant


2, slot finish


3, complete the installation

Check, adjust the board slot evenly

Check the level and verticality of the slate, board level


4, glue fixed

5, side effects 

6, positive effect


7. The gap between the stones can be filled with caulking glue.

Lift off the antifouling strips on the stone surface and wipe the stone with cotton.

Remove the debris on the surface of the stone.

Protect the finished product accordinglY