How to install interior stone flooring tiles

- Jun 04, 2018-

How to install interior stone flooring tiles

Indoor stone construction method

1, stone ground decoration basic process flow:

Cleaning and finishing the grass-roots level → cement mortar leveling → high calibration, bombing → selection of materials → water infiltration plate wet → installation of standard blocks → paving cement mortar → paving stones → irrigation → cleaning → maintenance delivery.

2, construction points:

The grassroots treatment should be clean, and the unevenness should be straightened and repaired. The grassroots level should be clean and there should be no mortar, especially lime-ash mortar, oil stains, etc., and wet the ground with water.

When paving stones and porcelain tiles, standard blocks must be placed. The standard blocks should be placed at the cross intersection and installed diagonally.

When paving, each line must be hung in sequence. The stone must be soaked in water, and the back of the stone must be wiped clean.

The maintenance of stone and porcelain tiles after pavement is very important. After 24 hours of installation, they must be sprinkled with water to protect them. After the towel is covered, it is covered with sawdust.

3, attention. :

(1) Pre-patch the boards before laying them. The colors of the flowers, the colors, and the numbers are the same as those of the ground.

(2) The stone must be immersed in water and dried. In order to avoid affecting the condensation hardening, hollowing, shelling and other issues occur.

(3) No person is allowed within 2~3 days after completion of the shop.