How to install marble granite wall cladding slabs

- Jun 04, 2018-

How to install marble granite wall cladding slabs

Interior design background walling marble granite panel installation process

With the improvement of people's living standards, marble granite has already entered the home depot environment, marble granite gives people the visual and tactile sense of the two major impact is much greater than many other materials. We often don't know whether the decoration process is accurate or not. Let's introduce the interior marble granite decoration wall panel installation process!

Tools / raw materials

• Home improvement tools, wood panels, marble granite or marble marble granite, AB glue, marble adhesive

Marble granite installation method classification

There are three methods of marble granite installation, marble granite installation dry hanging method, marble granite installation wet paste method, marble granite installation paste method.

The dry hanging method is further divided into three types: plug type, back bolt type, and pick piece type.

Paste method is divided into point sticky, side sticky.

The installation of indoor marble granite should ensure that it must be beautiful, but also do not occupy the place, so we use the third marble granite installation paste method.

Different processes are used in different places. The main introduction here is the point-gluing method.

Why do other processes not commonly used in home decoration furnishings, the first dry hanging method, due to the back of the keel to hang into, so the space is relatively large, and the home improvement environment is usually relatively small, but the villa can still be used locally. Wet hanging method is of course also possible, but the indoor usually to save costs, coupled with house owner do not understand the marble granite, and the density of the marble granite is not enough, this kind of wet hanging method will cause specular penetration of marble granite within the impact of beauty while they have already installed for a long time. The paste method is usually suitable for small and thin marble granite, and the installation is simple. It is suitable for indoor decoration and is used by many marble granite installation companies.

The installation processing of marble granite point sticking paste method:

1. Primary treatment: The primary includes the treatment of the original wall surface and the installation of the wood board basement in marble granite installation.

Why not stick it directly on the wall, because the plaster on the wall is plastered on the wall. If it takes a long time, it will be affixed to the ash and it may fall.


2. After the wood board is processed, it can be positioned directly on the wood board to facilitate the cutting of the marble granite. Of course, it should be noted that when cutting marble granite, it should be kept as long as possible, so that errors are avoided during installation, and in the later adjustment process, the gap is the smallest. After the installation is complete, the integrity will be very good. If you do not pay attention, the gap will be too obvious and this will affect the appearance.


3. because the point sticking method is a part glue, the weight of the marble granite is not small, in order to be more stable, a partial groove will be made in the back of the marble granite, and the corresponding position on the wood board will be marked with a nail, and the marble granite will be hung on the nail. This is more solid. Of course you need to compare the dimensions before hanging, and do the part small details processing. Adhesive moisture is AB glue and marble glue. AB glue takes two or three hours to solidify, after solidification can ensure that the marble granite is not deformed for a long time. The marble adhesive can be solidified in two or three minutes, which is convenient for the fixing of marble granite materials. In some cases, the curing agent is added to the marble adhesive in order to facilitate the construction. This greatly shortens the setting time of the marble adhesive and can be achieved within seconds solidified.


4. When the marble granite is installed, it is the treatment of the gap, and the marble granite installation gap is treated as much as possible at the side of the installation, so that the effect is good and it is easy to adjust, so that the overall appearance is very good.