Marble decortaion in home depot bathroom

- May 11, 2018-

The bathroom is a great place to release stress during the day
If only to meet the daily washing function
Its decoration and design are simple fools
It is too lack of "watching"!
When the bathroom meets marble
What kind of spark will collide?
Marble is a kind of life attitude. Your private life habit may be the designer's design concept of marble bathroom. It is hard, steady and rich.


Marmara white is a kind of unique marble, just like the above example, the texture is smooth, the color is gorgeous, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong, giving the space a very high taste.

The inspiration for a luxurious marble bathroom can be varied. The details of the bathroom in this attic suite add space and comfort to the space. Fluffy towels, candle light, and flowers make the room a romantic atmosphere.

How to use marble in modern homes, remembering your lifestyle, details and spatial planning are essential.

Located in a residential marble bathroom in Melbourne, marble has become a simple space focus, the entire bathroom becomes a stylish hut, dramatic lighting is a coup to enhance the effect, comfortable environment is such a feeling.

The richly-textured marble bathroom can divide the space itself is a design means, wooden cabinets warm the entire cold space. The zebra on the wall gives the space a wild feeling, and the bright natural light is silent in the overall atmosphere.

The black and white marble and oval bathtubs each present the most beautiful side in this space, and the wooden partitions always make the details warmer and tempting.

Onyx panels are the quickest way to create a private, glamorous space. Nicki Clendening's eclectically styled bathroom is the perfect presentation.

The use of colored marble to decorate their homes on Clearhouse in Shelter Island has a clear effect, as the surrounding homes are almost all marble baths, floors, and walls. The simple design envelops privacy, texture and a luxurious environment.

The architect Igor Sirotov is a brilliant marble bathroom designed for owners who love modern open design. A glass wall is the magical dividing line between warm and cold. Not everyone likes it, but it's just the only one.

Soft pastel marble is usually found in resorts and private homes. This luxurious villa kishti shows the entire spacious bathroom is beautifully marbled, and the soft light gives a feeling of relaxation.

The small, marbled bathroom is very quiet. Bathtubs and showers have been brought together. Marble is their key material. Artfully, designers use marble to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

In this penthouse apartment in London, the bathroom is the exclusive place for the owner to rest or think privately. From the wall to the floor to the sink, marble is everywhere. Do you see wooden cabinets? This modern marble bathroom is absolutely not cold. .

A small area of infused marble can be a finishing touch in the space. Excessive crowding can interfere with the comfort and relaxation of the space. The designer's well-decorated bathroom gives hidden and open storage possibilities.

The chocolate-colored bathroom is full of a masculine atmosphere. The designer Canny hopes to give the owner a high comfort bathroom, marble and wood furniture giving a natural visual experience.

When looking from white, beige, chocolate to deep black, the black texture brings us a different visual experience. The stable walls have a sense of gravity. The black and white floor is not only elegant but also eye-catching. Lingering around them.

The luxurious marble bathroom design may mean a combination of various textures and light. The round marble bathtub is surrounded by light marble. The black marble surrounds the modern bathtub. It looks so surreal. Imagine yourself in the fragrance and rich in foam. Enjoy a long bubble bath.

An eclectic marble bathroom design is best able to enjoy those inner wild, like the above inspiration we can combine different materials and feelings in it.

White marble, this pure visual enjoyment may be only natural materials such as marble, and the introduction of natural light ensures a comfortable and bright visual sense.

Telling us that we can create a sense of luxury without spending a lot of money, and the Thompson Custom home has a private bathroom.

When it comes to women's marble bathroom colors and details are the most worthwhile, rich changes in white and gray marble, and a closer look at the details you will have more inspiration.

The energetic and elegant marble bathroom, modern design lines and sleek accessories are really exquisite, large-scale windows to introduce the natural elements and the sun outside, saying that who does not love the sun filled bathroom?

If you want your bathroom marble to stand out, examples designed by Kiko Salomão can help with your bold textures. The simple and complex nature of the flowers speaks of breaking the monotony of space.

The spaciousness of local privacy is highly valued, just like the bathroom in this Shikom Grove residence.

Marble walls and bathtubs are the focus of the image, and Dick Clark's architect's custom spa-style marble bathroom has become a private haven that gives you a full day of energy.

Perhaps the most enjoyable of this marble bathroom is the filtering of natural light to solve the dark corner problem.

Another example of luxury, this time the bathroom is dressed in marble and wood, and the wooden bathroom shelf is embedded in the marble area. Not only does it look good but it also houses towels. Many of the decorations give space to life.

If your bathroom is not big enough and you want to inject more functions, then you need to work on the next step, such as innovative layout and material selection. The details are the success or failure of the space.

In the Villa Extramuros villa in Portugal, this industrial-style bathroom has a dramatic feeling. In the daytime, the bathroom reveals all the details through the skylight, and at night it is opened by hidden artificial lighting. The concrete and marble cold materials can also be created. Different beauty.


窗体顶端The modern marble bathroom is like the essence of luxury goods. The textures, details, and depth are surprises. To ensure this personal space designer uses different types of transparency design.