Stone product classification

- Jun 29, 2018-

Stone product classification


In the historical and cultural development of stone, the development of stone and human civilization is advancing with the times. Stones are used in human life, from stone knives, stone axes and stone tools, to stone furniture, stone bowls and other life furniture, from the pyramids and ancient Romans. The architectural aesthetics of the beasts, Battie Temple, the Great Wall of the Great Wall, and other architectural aesthetics from Dazu Rock Carvings, Longmen Grottoes, and Mogao Grottoes, from the instruments of the bells of the stone hearth to the Stone Inscriptions and the literature and art of Journey to the West Stone is accompanied by humans everywhere.


With the development of the times, while people's material civilization is quite developed, human spiritual civilization is also correspondingly improving. Over 200 years ago, foreign countries have focused on the use of decoration materials in stone, and their spiritual civilization has been Developed to the pursuit of nature and the respect for nature, especially the antique style of advocacy, formed an antique fashion. From now on, the complex of people and stone is mainly concentrated on architectural decoration, and it is also reflected in people's ornamental culture.


Then on the main building decorative stone, stone products can be divided into the following categories according to the decoration effect and function of people's design:

I. Blocks

II. Plates

1. Slabs ----- plates that are directly sawed into blocks;

2. Freedom Slabs ------ according to the diameter of the knife body cut out of the slab, the common slab cover 60cm slab, 70cm slab, 80cm slab, 90cm slab, 100cm slab

3. Engineering tiles ------ also called cut-to-size tiles, refers to according to the actual situation of the construction site, combines the project to loft to divide each decorative wall surface, in the factory according to the division drawing size processing the plate;

4.Composite tiles ----- refers to the product made of two materials glued together, the panel is mainly a number of precious materials, and the bottom board according to the needs of guests, there are stone / honeycomb panel / aluminum composite panel, etc.)

5. Thin tiles ------ This is a common product in foreign countries, like the domestic tile, the common specifications are 305mm \ 457mm, generally at a thickness of 1 cm; easy to install and sell, foreign mainly in the mall Sales;

6. Countertops ------ Main Dishes / Washbasins / Coffee Tables / Table Tops / Coffee Tables / Counters (Sheet Tables / Composite Countertops)


III. Shaped:

1. Border Lines ------ according to the appearance of the shape, can be divided into straight lines, flat arc lines, arc plate lines, plate lines and so on. Then, in the architectural decoration design, according to the actual situation, there are often a variety of line combinations to achieve the best results and cost control. Generally used in the door / window cover / wall decoration silk - waist, cornices, mirror frames and some close or pure decorative lines.

2. The structure of the pillar ----- column is generally divided into three parts: stigma/pillar/pillar; then, as the process progresses, the existing columns are hollow columns and solid columns, and the hollow columns are used as flat plates or arc plates. The effect of packing the cement column is a solid column. At the same time, in order to achieve a better decorative effect of the column, according to the shape of the column can be divided into Roman column / light column / new column / cone column / drum column / carved column, etc.,) railings and other columns.

3. The fireplace -----fireplace, is a kind of mooring product. It is mainly used for making fire in foreign countries. It is nothing more than an emphasis on us, just like our deities. There are fireplaces in the form of plates, but there are also solid material fireplaces, which are also engraved to enhance their ornamental qualities.

4. Hand-wash basins ----- The processing of small blocks is mainly based on the use of natural lines to combine practicality and ornamentalness.

5. Tombstones ------Tombstones are a long history of products, mainly their solidity, which conforms to the psychological effects of people. With the development of society, more and more people are now using stone to make carved shapes. The exquisite tombstone headstone and cinerary urn reminds the dead.


IV Mosaic

Mosaic products are also moored products, the English name is "mosaic", in foreign countries, hundreds of thousands of years ago, it has already begun to very popular, especially in the church, it is exquisite. Its production materials are also very extensive, with stone, glass, branches, ceramics, etc. Now even with metal and precious stones, the main characteristic of mosaics is the richness of their extensible color. According to its installation function can be divided into pieces / pieces / parquet. It can depict various patterns very delicately. For example, Mona Lisa's head, watching a little further, basically can not tell whether it is mosaic or oil painting.


V. Sculptures and other artwork

Sculpture is the earliest carrier of stone culture, divided into three-dimensional sculpture (such as carved pillar hat, Leshan Buddha, statues, etc.); relief, shadow carving. Jade vase, zodiac and so on.