Stone Used Well, The House Immediately Add A Lot Of Value

- Jun 05, 2018-

It is said that stone is a superior standard, even if it is an ordinary house, as long as choose a stone with beautiful veins, that will immediately raise a grade. But good stone as its expensive price and the performance of the limitations , we must be carefully selected according to demand.

1, living room floor

Suitable for large area laying

The living room is suitable for marble floor, but the natural stone surface with fine holes, weak ability for affort dirty, so the general processing will do surface treatment that cause the marble floor will be more slippery. If the elderly at home, it should not choose a large area of natural marble as floor. In addition, if the home is equipped with floor heating, you can choose high-temperature performance of artificial stone.

2, background wall

As a bright spot for decoration

The background wall is often decorated with bright spots. General family can choose granite to do decorative wall, as natural stone vein is good,that can be a good performance design intent, suitable for making art shape on the wall. Morever, to make some embellish on entrance also show the owner's personality.

3, balcony

Note the color change

Marble is used on the balcony must be required to slip and wear. Now  the marketing nature stone, part of the color will be handled manually, that will appear the problems after use six months or one year. So you should pay attention to this point when buy the stone which want to use on the balcony, if the color change, may not match the decoration style.

4, cabinet countertops

pollution test first

Cabinets top is often use stone, artificial stone texture is relatively unnatural, suitable for use in some harsh environments, rarely used for decorative projects. Buy artificial stone, it is best to take a sample to test, such as pouring soy sauce or oil, and do wear test. If the oil penetration is too fast, there is a trace after wipe with a cloth ,then prove that the quality is not very good.

5, toilet ground

Artificial stone performance is better

Marbles are suitable for bathroom floor and wall, in principle, must choose non-slip class. Artificial stone is develop and research based the actual request, in the moisture, acid, alkali, high temperature are better than natural stone, so artificial stone are more used in the bathroom.

6, windowsill

Decorative effect first

The decorative effect is the first when choose marble for windowsill. Currently the imported marble on the market can use sandpaper to polished the surface scratches, if there is a scratch, it is not obvious when we take actions as aboved measurements, now many domestic artificial stone does not support this measurements,  more polished more worse.

7, the threshold

Choose the right color

The main role of the installation of marble at the threshold is moisture, damp-proof, as the area is not too much, so there is not much stress on selection, as long as follow the overall style of home decoration, choose the right color is OK.