The difference between natural stone and ceramic tile

- Nov 10, 2017-

Since the natural stone and ceramic are similar in appearance, price and function after cutting, many people think that there is not much difference between them. Actually, whether it is the product characteristics or the decoration effect, both have the essential difference, today, we come to take a look at the comparative advantage of stone material and ceramic tile in architectural decoration.


1.product characteristics

Stone is more natural, after cutting and polishing, only shape change, and itself does not change.Ceramic tiles are made of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering, and forming an acid-resistant porcelain or stone material. Its raw materials are composed of clay, quartz sand and so on. It is a new material formed after chemical reaction of sand, stone and mud.



After buying ceramic tile, we can find workers to install at home, but natural stone needs to be processed before the shop and install on the ground, so many customers think that the price of natural stone is higher than ceramic tile.Actually it is no,we take an example of a beige natural stone from Africa, after processing the price about RMB 700/sqm, , and a similar color textur of domestic ceramic tile price is RMB 620 /sqm,, so their price are not too much difference.


3.practical comparison

Natural stone is extremely durable . Stone is the most important building & decoration material since ancient times. Most of the best ancient buildings in the world are stone buildings.Ceramic tile‘s impact resistant ability is weak and fragile, na matter from production, transportation, installation and use, ceramic tile is very easily broken, big wastage, it is decided by its own material properties, it can't change.

In addition, ceramic tile also is easily abraded, usually there will be a edges seam wear for family living when six months. And appear varying different degrees of wear on the surface when 8 -12 months.There will appear edges seam wear in public use when 2-3 months. And different degrees of wear appear when 6 months. In wear resistance, natural stone is far superior to ceramic tile.


4.Color difference

Natural stone due to its nature, color difference is relatively obvious, and the surface’s vein of natural stone is not rich compare to ceramic tile. but the installation effect of natural stone is very elegant, and ceramic tile is incomparable.

Ceramic tile is artificial processing, it can avoid the color difference in a certain extent, but no all ceramic tile don’t have color difference, it is unavoidable problem, the limit refer to its raw materials & production process craft.


5.Shape and accuracy

Stone can be cut according to different requirements, ceramic tile because of specification requirement, the limitation of shape production is bigger.In addition, the ceramic tile in the production process is due to the temperature change or the limitation of the equipment and process, which results in a large error in each side length. (detection method: the diagonal line will be found to be different with a ruler.)


6. Thermal expansion coefficient

Most of the stone origin from the nature, the physical and chemical properties are very stable, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, seldom appear deformation because of the temperature change. And ceramic tile thermal expansion coefficient is relatively big, easy to cause deformation, especially in winter, easy to appear ceramic tile arch of phenomenon



The surface treatment of ceramic tile makes its friction is very small when use, so it is very slippery.If the ceramic tile gets greasy, it's even more slippery.Every year, the number of elderly people and children who have been injured due to the sliding of the tile are numerous ,some even disabled.Even nimble young people sometimes fall down - ceramic  tiles are too slippery.

In contrast, stone products are not as clean as ceramic tiles, but they are very suitable for living and walking without any safety hazards.

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In decoration effect, each unit and family have deeply feeling the cool cold of ceramic tile in winter! So there are people with rheumatoid arthritis, not to mention those old people with rheumatoid arthritis who struggled through the cold and long winter.

Good stone is like "jade" , so-called "lukewarm run like jade", for good stone, it can make people feel warm winner and cool summer after decoration , rich warmth.