The Stone Color Difference Can Be Designed In This Way

- Jun 05, 2018-

Marble color is a natural beauty



Natural marble color difference, vein pattern itself is a beauty! Marble is not crafts, her texture and color absorbs the essence of nature. And different geography, environment and the level of marble, it will produce the color change, just like the Chinese people, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Ningxia, different place's people will be different, but they all have their own beauty.

With the artistic eye to look the color difference



Natural vein, luxurious texture is the greatest value of marble. For the marble with color difference,we can not use the "defective" eye to look, collected the marble from nature, each one is different, its color, texture is similar, not exactly same. Color difference can form a colorful combination, resulting in a different kind of effect.

   Use the color difference to make beauty so natural



When you look from the artistic point to view, from the design point  to create, you will suddenly find the color difference has more possibilities. Like a similar color of the painting, from 12 colors to 18 colors, 24 colors, or even 64 colors, with good color difference can be made more layering, spaciousness and rich beauty.