What is marble slab countertops?

- Sep 04, 2018-

The marble is beautifully polished. It is mainly used for processing into various types of materials, plates, walls, floors, platforms and columns of buildings, and is also often used in commemorative buildings such as monuments, towers, statues and other materials.Marble can also be carved into handicraft, stationery, lamps, utensils and other practical works of art.


According to the marble species division, the naming principle is different, some named with the origin and color, such as dandong green, tieling red and so on;Some are named for patterns and colors, such as white snowflakes and green leaves.Some are named after the figure image, such as autumn scenery, waves;Have a plenty of traditional names, such as white marble, crystal ink jade and so on. Therefore, the same name or the same name of the same rock often occur in different places of origin.


The main color of the stone is: polychromatic, subjective attribute is: patterns, high compressive strength and good physical and chemical performance, easy to process, with the development of the economy, the application range is expanding, the dosage is increasing, playing an important role in people's life. Especially in recent decades, large-scale mining, industrial processing and international trade have made the decoration plate enter the architectural decoration and decoration industry in large quantities, not only for luxurious public buildings, but also into the home decoration. Also used in a large number of exquisite utensils, such as furniture, lamps and lanterns, tobacco and art carving. Some can also be used as alkali - resistant materials.The gravel and corner residues produced during mining and processing are often used in the production of artificial stone, terrazzo, stone rice and stone powder.

Marble Slab Countertops