What is the classification of exterior tiles?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Exterior floor tiles not only decorate the whole building, but also play an important role in protecting the wall because of its stable physical and chemical performance due to its acid and alkali resistance.in order to meet the requirements of individualization and richness of external wall decoration, external wall decoration technology and techniques are developing towards high grade and high grade. Outer wall tile pays attention to overall collocation (such as color collocation, specification collocation, multi-color mixed paste, etc.), with rich decoration techniques, diversified decoration style and outstanding decoration effect;at the same time, exterior tile also extends to interior decoration, reflecting novel and unique decoration style.



1. It is divided according to product material

Glazed exterior wall tiles, whole exterior wall tiles, etc.

2. Divided according to the forming method

Extrusion molding (ceramic curtain wall, split brick, etc.) and dry pressing molding (small size external tile, etc.)

3. Divided according to production mode

Outer wall tiles of pad kiln, wall tiles of straight roller kiln, wall tiles of tunnel kiln, etc.

4. It is divided according to the packing method

External wall tiles with sticker, loose exterior wall tiles, etc.;

5. It is divided according to surface texture

Finish, matte finish, frosting finish, etc.

6. It is divided according to the surface

Plane, sandstone surface, water ripple surface, split brick surface, etc.

7. Divided according to construction methods

Cover and paste exterior wall, dry hanging veneer exterior wall and so on;

There are other categories based on purpose or effect.

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