What is the origin of marble baluster?

- Sep 14, 2018-

Balustrades in ancient China, known as the appendix, also known as the diaphragm, are safety devices on Bridges and buildings. Balustrades play the role of separation and guidance in use, making the boundary of the divided area clear and clear. Well-designed balustrades are very decorative. The zhou dynasty gift set has the similar railings component.In han dynasty, horizontal mullion railing was the most. The six dynasties were prevailing on the hook plate. The handrail corner erected observation posts or looking for jangling mouth, are visible in yungang grottoes, dunhuang murals. The wood baluster of yuan, Ming and qing dynasty is more slender, and stone baluster breaks away from the form of wooden baluster gradually, incline to massiness. After the end of the qing dynasty, the western classical scale, scale and decorative railings into China. The materials and shapes of modern railings are more diversified.


Iron bars

The railings are connected with the base in the following ways: insert the open-end flat iron, barbed iron, etc., into the holes reserved for the base, and fill with cement mortar or fine stone concrete slurry for consolidation.Welding type: welding baluster (or vertical bar) to embedded steel plate, sleeve and other iron parts in the base. Bolt connection type: the vertical bar through the substrate can be connected by the embedded screw mother socket, or by the plate bottom nut bolt. The above method is also suitable for the lateral diagonal bracing iron railings.


The reinforced concrete railings are made of precast vertical bars, with the lower end welded with the inserted reinforcement of the base or connected with the embedded iron pieces, and the upper end connected with the steel bars in the concrete handrails.


Wooden railings

Mainly with mortise joint. If it is a lookout post, the bottom of the post should be inserted into the stairs inclined beam, handrails and the lookout post tenon.


Column type baluster can use cast-in-place or precast reinforced concrete board and steel mesh cement board, also can use brick.Indoor still can consider to use toughened glass and organic glass to wait.


The handrails are mostly made of wood, and are usually fixed on the long flat iron bar at the top of the vertical bar with wood screws (mortise and tenon are used for the wooden vertical bar). Can also be metal welding and screw fixation or metal bone lining, decorative wood and plastic surface, or concrete pouring, terrazzo. Section form and size should be based on function.


Marble balusters railing

Use marble or granite to make, there is stone armrest on, among is stone baluster, the floor board below according to need, can want can not, if be the head end of stair still has a bigger general column. The joint is mainly connected by iron bar and special marble glue. Because its by natural stone material classics physical processing makes, so anti-aging ability is stronger, exterior is heavier, have contemporary breath. Outside multi-purpose granite material, indoor multi-purpose marble material.

White Marble Baluster