What Is Volakas White Marble

- Jun 05, 2018-

Volakas White is an Greek imported marble. The color of volakas white marble is quiet white, given too much meaning, with a pure texture, and can be described as "modern fashion", high lighting a masterly style of design, honoring honor, elegance, and top product characteristics.  Incisively, it is deeply loved by many designers.



Volakas have white background and grey color strips texture on the board. Wavy texture is rich, and the stripes are clear.  It can highlight the decorative style of culture and history. Because it is origin from ancient Greece, it is also called the most elegant stone.



There are two big styles of Volaks White in the market

1.  New Mine Volakas White


This kind new Volakas white grain road is relatively light, with the incoherent “mountain” character peaking down approximately 45 degrees diagonally. The overall appearance is more white, and the lines are elegant and moderate, with the finishing touch.


2. old mine vlolakas white



This kind old volakas white grain road is obvious, with straight lines inclined at an angle of about 45 degrees. The overall pattern is more prominent, the thickness of the grain is obvious, and the overall paving is uniform and natural and beautiful.


Volakas white marble advantage

As a classic product on the stone market, Volakas White has its own advantages:

1, volakas white marble has good processing, sound insulation and heat insulation, deep processing applications, is an excellent architectural decoration materials.

2, volakas white marble slab fine texture, high processing adaptability, low hardness, easy to engrave, suitable for use as carving materials and special-shaped materials.

3, volakas marble unique texture, more special landscape lines, has a good decorative performance, in the trend texture, texture texture, deep traces of prehistoric civilization, but its overall shape can be described as "modern fashion", Embodies a masterly style of design, the performance of honor, elegance, and top-level product performance, because it is deeply loved by many architects.


But its shortcomings are also obvious:

1, due to the relatively loose marble material, relatively soft texture and relatively high water absorption.

2, the texture is more, so in the processing, transportation, installation and use of the process is prone to a variety of pollution and warpage, easy loss of light and other phenomena, affecting the decorative effect.

3, Volakas white marble stone containing calcium oxide, and the reaction of rain formed carbonized calcium, calcium carbonate due to the volume of calcium oxide will increase, it will destroy the stone surface, resulting in cracks; cement contained in the alkali will erode, so that the stone loses color And it is damaged, so when it is applied to the ground, it must be waterproofed, or brushed with a primer to make it be closed and alkali resistant.


It can be done from the following points to avoid the lack of stone itself:

(1) The stone is white stone, easy to pollute, it is best to add anti-fouling agent on the back of the stone, wet adhesive is best to do waterproof adhesive.

(2) The stone is easy to deform, the size should not be too large, 600 * 600 is more appropriate, such as the curved plate, after processing is completed, it is best to install as soon as possible.



Current market situation:

Starting from 2017, the price of white materials in the stone market has soared crazyly. The price of individual materials has doubled. This has been the reason for this situation. First, the price increase of high-end white materials in the market has led to the increase in prices of its alternatives, jezz volakas White, and domestic Gradually change the design concept, gray and white applications gradually increased, the third is due to the sluggish stone industry a few years ago, the stone company stocks not lead to good board Jazz white prices rose!

Current Market Reference Price Category B: 350-580; Class A: 580-800

Different slabs of stone have very different prices.