Application Of Marble

- Jul 25, 2017-

Marble carving art - round carving

Round carving, also known as three-dimensional carving, is the art of sculpture on the overall performance, the viewer can see from different angles on all sides of the object. It requires the sculptor to carve the former, after, left, right, upper, middle and lower. It is the most basic techniques of stone carving.

Marble carving art - engraved carving

Engraved engraved also known hollow

That is, the stone does not show the image of the part of the emptied, to be able to express the image of the part of the retained. Rock carving based on the great difficulty, so from the stone selection, works layout, tooling to the carving process, etc., are different from the general carving techniques. Lou carved stone must be fine and pure, especially the hollow part, but should not have cracks and high-density sand grid, or likely to cause fracture.

Chemical laboratory application

In the chemical laboratory in general Dali or limestone (the main components are calcium carbonate CaCO3) and dilute hydrochloric acid reaction of carbon dioxide.