G654 Dark Grey Granite Out Of Mining From June 1st

- Jun 05, 2018-

From June 1st onwards, all the stones in the sesame black 654 mine could not be out of the mine, and the offenders were guilty of stealing the country's mineral resources

Government Papers:

To wutianshan mining area related employees:

According to the "Changtai County People's Government Notice on Closing the Granite Mining Area for the Wutianshan Facing", the leading group of the Wutianshan Mining Area Remediation Working Group decided to make a study, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Starting from June 1, 1.2018, any transportation vehicles are prohibited from entering the Mei Peng Toll Station and the Jiangdu Toll Station and are engaged in the transportation of blocks and other scrap materials.

Before June 10, 2006, the owners of each mining area were to move all the living articles and all the mechanical equipment and facilities in the work shed on the mountain. After June 10, the Wutianshan Mining Area Leading Group Office for Renovation Work was organized to clean up and dismantle.

3.2 On June 1st, 018, the State Grid and various small hydropower companies stopped supplying domestic electricity to the Wutianshan mining area. Prior to June 10, 2018, the owners of each mining area dismantled the power supply lines and facilities and moved related equipment and facilities away from the mining area.

From June 1, 018 onwards, without approval, all mechanical equipment is prohibited from entering the Wutianshan mining area and all detained upon discovery.

Wutianshan Mining District Leading Group Office for Closed Improvement Work

May 30, 2018

Original Government Papers: