Marble Stone Border Tile Processing Process

- Sep 12, 2017-

Marble Stone Border Tile Processing Process

1. Cut out

Use thick slab cut into different customized width strip. The thickness and width are confirmed according to the design of strips.


2. Reinforcement

Marble border tiles need to be reinforced with different materials.  Reinforced materials are generally including: stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum honeycomb, artificial stone, fiber and other reinforcement.

Different width, different stone, different lines will use different materials for reinforcement. Generally, about 50mm small lines can add an aluminum; 100mm lines can be used artificial stone or two aluminum bars for reinforcement; 100mm or more can be reinforced with aluminum honeycomb. Aluminum honeycomb reinforcement can reduce the weight of stone and more solid, the cost is relatively high.

While reinforcing, we need to pay attention to the exposed position of stone line. Because the stone line have the effect of closing the mouth of tiles, so the stone line in the exposed position requires special treatment. The processing process also need special attention to facilitate the production at the same time but also make it will not fall off.


3. Modeling

After border cutting and reinforcement, we can shape the border design. The stone border line can be formed by gong machine or molding machine. If it is curved lines, then we will use the engraving machine to shape the carved, and then cut out with a water-jet knife.

image.pngimage.png    image.png     image.png

4. Digging (on demand)

After the border tile shape, if caused by cracks, holes, we need to dig up. Generally use marble glue, color paste, stone powder (or stone tablets) to fill.

Digged marble liner need to be re-make throgh the gong machine.

5. Brush (on demand)

Filled stone liner or lighter border liner need to be brushed.  Brush can protect the surface of the line, meanwhile can fill some smaller holes with cracks.

6. Polished

Grinding is divided into automatic grinding and artificial grinding. 

If the lines from the molding machine out, we can directly into the automatic grinding machine, automatic grinding machine is divided into two parts, because the lines need to first grinding side, after grinding the other side, so need two automatic grinding machine connected together to use.

Artificial grinding is for a wide and custom lines. Because of the limitations of the machine, it is necessary to manually polish. Are generally repeated with sandpaper artificially polished to achieve sufficient brightness instantly.


7. Trimming

After a series of processes, stone line also need to be painted.

8. Packing

Finished stone line can enter the final link - Packing.  Firstly, we use a plastic film to cover each stone liner, and then packed them together with wooden crate.